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Fractional Recruiting Services

Fractional Recruiting that Scales with Your Growth

Fractional recruitment is a hiring model in which organizations engage the services of a recruitment agency or an individual recruiter to fill a portion of their hiring needs, rather than outsourcing the entire recruitment process. This approach can reduce the burden on internal HR teams, especially when dealing with a large number of employees or experiencing rapid growth. It can also alleviate internal stress and allow HR teams to focus on other strategic initiatives while accessing the expertise of a highly skilled recruitment team. Other benefits of fractional recruitment include:

  • Saving time and resources
  • Scaling up or down without incurring high costs
  • Streamlining hiring processes
  • Accessing a large talent pipeline
  • Reducing per hire costs
  • Reducing time-to-hire
  • Improving internal productivity
  • Providing high quality and personalized candidate experiences

Our Process

We approach fractional recruitment by replicating the functions and processes of an internal talent acquisition team or recruiter. We use a variety of recruiting methods, such as targeted job postings, social media recruiting, and direct outreach to potential candidates.  Additionally, we conduct comprehensive candidate assessments to evaluate their fit for the position and the organization. We provide continuous support and feedback to our clients ensuring they remain informed and engaged in the hiring process.

Our approach involves the following steps with modifications depending on each company’s specific needs:

  • Initial consultation
  • Job description and requirements
  • Sourcing and recruiting candidates
  • Screening candidates
  • Interview coordination
  • Offer negotiation and acceptance
  • Follow-up and onboarding

Fractional recruitment can be a valuable tool for both large and small companies looking to augment their internal recruitment capabilities and improve their hiring outcomes.