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Gemma Dendurent, Cofounder

Gemma Dendurent is an AIRS-Certified Executive with a wealth of global experience in talent acquisition, stakeholder engagement, process improvement, and strategic leadership. With over 20 years in recruitment and leadership, she has honed her ability to apply commercial acumen and strategic management to drive business initiatives.

Gemma excels at identifying and implementing best practices that improve human capital management, executive search methodologies, and financials. Her collaborative approach and partnership skills have enabled her to build strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. She has a natural talent for engaging and inspiring diverse teams, creating positive work environments, and instilling a keen sense of accountability in meeting objectives.

Passionate about creating opportunities to enhance performance and encourage professional development, Gemma is a goal-oriented leader driven by a strong sense of integrity. She brings a continuous improvement mindset to her work, constantly seeking to add value to businesses. Her extensive experience and strategic mindset make her well-equipped to drive organizational change, navigate complex challenges, and deliver results that enable businesses to succeed.

Jessica Rowe, Cofounder

Jessica Rowe is an accomplished, SHRM-CP and AIRS-Certified Executive with over a decade of experience in client relations, leadership, and recruitment. Her exceptional track record in delivering customer service, on-time project delivery, and engaging clients is a testament to her professionalism and expertise.

Jessica’s strong analytical skills enable her to identify problem areas within organizations and provide customer-specific solutions. She excels in high-pressure situations and remains neutral during conflict resolution, ensuring the interests of all parties are considered through thorough fact-finding analyses.

As a strategic thinker, Jessica increases team performance through honesty, benchmarking, and best practices. She creates an environment that promotes collaboration, communication, and accountability, leading to optimal team performance and growth.

Jessica is passionate about developing innovative solutions that create value for clients and drive business growth. Her expertise in customer service management and talent acquisition make her an asset to any organization seeking to improve its performance and reach new heights. With her extensive functional experience and dedication to delivering outstanding results, Jessica is a valuable addition to any team.